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About: I've been a teacher for longer than I like to remember. Always had an interest in using the available ICT to engage students - from the original BBC computer to the wonders of Second Life has been quite a journey!

I achieved CMALT in May 2008.

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Job title or role title VLE Manager

Organisation Aberdeen College

Interests Assisting lecturers to develop their use of ICT and social networking tools based on a coherent pedagogy

What topics are on your radar? Effectiveness of e-learning

What topics are you an expert in? Enabling lecturers to develop their use of the available elearning tools

9 September 2010
7 September 2010

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6 September 2010
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24 August 2010

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Lesley Diack:

Hi Phil

I am not able to manage to go to Alt C this year but it would be great to meet at some time perhaps back in Aberdeen. Hope you enjoy the conference.