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About: For the past 5 years, I've worked with Learning Objects Inc., developer of social learning software applications for education. I'm interested in the evolution of technology in teaching and learning and very much enjoy working within the eLearning community.

Job title or role title Sales and Business Development Executive

Professional role Sales and Business Development Executive

Organisation Learning Objects, Inc.

Interests Teaching and learning technologies

What topics are on your radar? Social Learning, Web 2.0, Social media

What topics are you an expert in? Web 2.0 technologies in education

5 September 2010

Added Mike Cameron (friend), Mike Cameron (want-to-meet), Andy Beggan (want-to-meet), Tom Boyle (want-to-meet), Anna Campbell (want-to-meet), Linda Creanor (want-to-meet), and Linda Creanor (friend)


2 September 2010

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1 September 2010

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31 August 2010

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30 August 2010

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25 August 2010

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24 August 2010

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Rose Heaney
Rose Heaney (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
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Linda Creanor
Linda Creanor (mutual) want-to-meet, friend
Anna Campbell
Anna Campbell want-to-meet
Tom Boyle
Tom Boyle (mutual) want-to-meet
Andy Beggan
Andy Beggan want-to-meet


Manuel Frutos-Perez:

Hi there, although I'm a member of the Conference Programme Committee I won't be able to attend ALT-C this year, but if you've any questions do feel free to contact me.

Kathryn Trinder:

Hi, looks like I'll see you the week beforehand anyway, up here at GCU!
All the best, Kathy