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Job title or role title e-Learning Advisor

Organisation University of Bradford

Interests teaching, learning, technology, change

What topics are on your radar? collaboration, online learning, upheaval

9 September 2010

Added Jak Radice (friend)


Signed up to attend Making sense of the sea change


7 September 2010

Martin Oliver - Hi Martin Would appreciate a quick word about review I am doing for you at the moment. Do you have any spare time over next couple of days?

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Added Andrew Middleton (friend), Virendra Mistry (friend), andy black (friend), Martin Oliver (want-to-meet), Helen Whitehead (want-to-meet), Helen Whitehead (friend), and Jacquie Kelly (friend)


31 August 2010

Added Mark Childs (friend), Graham McElearney (friend), Tony Lowe (friend), Haydn Blackey (friend), Carol Higgison (friend), Nick Jeans (friend), Peter Shipley (friend), Sarah Sherman (friend), and Nick Short (friend)


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Martin Oliver:

Happy to meet up - around Tues and Weds, but leaving that evening (before the dinner). Feel free to grab me if you see me, or suggest a time.