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About: Interested in virtual worlds for education, especially open simulator both in individual, stand alone instances (one student each, they can get their own x-ray machine or you name it on a usb stick running both server and viewer) as institutional grids hyperlinked into an educational (uk wide? european? global?) hypergrid. Running servers and viewers on both windows and linux. Created a web based user registration. See and

Job title or role title Project Manager Virtual Worlds

Professional role initiator, developer, builder, scripter, hacker

Organisation Glasgow Caledonian University.

Interests virtual worlds, virtual learning environments, open simulator, educational (institutional) grids and hypergrid

What topics are on your radar? virttual worlds, virtual learning environments, open simulator

What topics are you an expert in? virtual worlds, open simulator

7 September 2010
3 September 2010

Added Anna Peachey (want-to-meet) and Mark Childs (want-to-meet)


30 August 2010

Added Linda Creanor (friend)


25 August 2010

Added Kathryn Trinder (friend)


Ferdinand's Network

Mark Childs
Mark Childs want-to-meet
Anna Peachey
Anna Peachey want-to-meet
Linda Creanor
Linda Creanor (mutual) friend
Kathryn Trinder
Kathryn Trinder (mutual) friend


Mark Childs:

Hi Ferdinand - just seen the crowdvine note about meeting up, sorry it was so brief - there's lots i'd like to chat about - but there's bound to be lots of other opportunities. looking forward to working with you on the identity book.