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7 September 2010

Maryam Kheir Abadi - Happy to meet up - only at ALT-C Tues + Weds; feel free to stop me and say hi! Best wishes, Martin

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Will Stewart - Happy to meet up - around Tues and Weds, but leaving that evening (before the dinner). Feel free to grab me if you see me, or suggest a time.

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6 September 2010

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Maryam Kheir Abadi:

Thanks a lot Martin for the note. Unfortunately, I couldn't catch you :-( hopefully will see you in another conference.

Will Stewart:

Hi Martin

Would appreciate a quick word about review I am doing for you at the moment. Do you have any spare time over next couple of days?

Markus Mostert:

Hi Martin, Looking forward to seeing you again. Are you coming for the whole of the conference? Markus