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Job title or role title Education Advisor

Professional role Project Manager, JISC Integrative Technologies Project

Organisation University of Exeter

What topics are on your radar? Internationalisation, large student cohorts, assessment

7 September 2010

Lecture Capture (2 Short Papers 0107, 0216) - Jane and Eoin - Many thanks for uploading the lit review and presentation. Both really helpful - thankyou. I won't be able to come to the session :-( as we are presenting our work on students use of flipcameras at the same time :-). We have been working with a teaching fellow who had her lectures recorded using Echo360, and then used flip cameras for students to record their own presentations in tutorials - worked well! Hope the session goes really well. Karen

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5 September 2010

Tablets and feedback (2 Proceedings Papers 0214, 0235) - Hello - I am one of the presenters of the second paper in this session. If you have any questions about our work with Flip Cameras at Exeter, do ask... :-)

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4 September 2010
26 August 2010

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