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About: I'm Principal Teaching Fellow in eLearning in Modern Languages at the University of Southampton. I manage a number of projects including the development of 'Prepare for Success' ( - a website of interactive learning resources in British academic culture and study skills, developed with PMI funding for international students and UK receiving institutions.

Professional role Principal Teaching Fellow in eLearning

Interests study skills and language learning online; online course design

What topics are on your radar? OERs, learning in immersive worlds, learning design

4 September 2010

Added Chelo de Andres (want-to-meet)


3 September 2010

Added Claire Donlan (want-to-meet), Carol Elston (want-to-meet), Tim Goodchild (want-to-meet), John Gray (want-to-meet), and Eddie Gulc (friend)


1 September 2010

Great expectations (2 Demonstrations 0011, 0260) - 0011: 'Prepare for Success' ( - an open website of multimedia, activity-based learning objects about UK academic culture. Designed for international students and their UK receiving institutions. This week we've had an international student user from our 200th country (Guinea, West Africa) and we're getting 500-800 visits a day at the moment. Look at the website and come to the demo to find out how 80+ institutions are using it as well.

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31 August 2010
28 August 2010

Added Teresa Mackinnon (want-to-meet), Abby Barker (want-to-meet), Manuel Frutos-Perez (want-to-meet), and Michael Thomas (want-to-meet)


26 August 2010

Added Kumiko Aoki (friend), Kumiko Aoki (want-to-meet), and Andrew Davey (friend)


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Chelo de Andres
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John Gray
John Gray want-to-meet
Tim Goodchild
Tim Goodchild want-to-meet
Carol Elston
Carol Elston want-to-meet
Claire Donlan
Claire Donlan want-to-meet


Manuel Frutos-Perez:

Hi there, although I'm a member of the Conference Programme Committee I won't be able to attend ALT-C this year, but if you've any questions do feel free to contact me.