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About: My background is in education broadcasting but since the early 90's I have been involved in the field of technology enhanced learning and worked for different organisations, first in Ireland, then in Germany and the Netherlands, I moved to Belgium in 1995 which is where I now live. In 1999, I set up the independent company ATiT,, where I am now joint Managing Director. ATiT is a small research and production company and we are particularly interested in the use of media to support learning. I was one of the founders of the MEDEA Awards, am managing the Media and Learning conference in November in Brussels and am the editor of the monthly Media in Education Newsletter. We recently joined ALT and I am coming to the conference to meet people with similiar interests in the use of media, to promote the MEDEA Awards scheme and to find out more about how the HE community in the UK is using media to support teaching and learning.

Professional role Managing Director

Organisation ATiT

Interests Media in Education, Video in teaching and learning, European collaboration

What topics are on your radar? Video in teaching and learning, European collaboration

23 September 2010
6 September 2010

0084 Sharing experiences from the MEDEA awards -

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Steven Verjans - Hi Steven, good to see you are going to be at ALT too, I am there for just Tuesday and wednesday so hope to find you there, cu soon

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5 September 2010

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3 September 2010

John Traxler - Hi John, looking forward to seeing you too next week in ALT. Sally

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Andrew Haldane - Hi Andrew, nice to see you will be at ALT next week, its my first time and I hope we have a chance to meet up and chat at some stage, all the best sally

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2 September 2010

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1 September 2010

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30 August 2010
27 August 2010

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Steven Verjans:

Shall we try and meet on Tuesday? I will be presenting on Wednesday, so probably too out-of-it to have a decent conversation ;-)