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About: Passionate about learning interested in technology

Job title or role title Technolgy Research Manager

Organisation Becta till late december 2010 then who knows well ask me ?

What topics are on your radar? location context awareness, Augmented reality and Augmenting human memmory using technology prompts

What topics are you an expert in? Mobile learning, Outdoor learning

6 September 2010

Added Dragos Ciobanu (friend) and Dragos Ciobanu (want-to-meet)


Signed up to attend New Bottles, Old Wine? (Symposium 0108)


3 September 2010

Added Linda Creanor (friend), Eddie Gulc (friend), Elizabeth Hartnell-Young (friend), Matt Lingard (friend), Bob Harrison (friend), and Claire Bradley (friend)


2 September 2010

Added Jacquie Kelly (friend), Will Stewart (friend), Elizabeth Hartnell-Young (want-to-meet), Elizabeth Hartnell-Young (friend), Helen Keegan (friend), Dave White (friend), Nicola Whitton (friend), john slater (friend), Sarah Knight (friend), and Graham McElearney (friend)


1 September 2010

Added John Traxler (friend), Nick Jeans (friend), geoff stead (friend), Kathryn Trinder (friend), Josie Fraser (friend), Sarah Sherman (friend), Nick Short (friend), Tom Franklin (friend), Sarah Cornelius (friend), Lindsay Jordan (want-to-meet), Steve Wheeler (friend), Emma Duke-Williams (friend), and Joe Wilson (friend)


andy's Network

Sue Beckingham
Sue Beckingham (mutual) want-to-meet, friend
Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu (mutual) want-to-meet
Dragos Ciobanu
Dragos Ciobanu (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Claire Bradley
Claire Bradley (mutual) friend
Bob Harrison
Bob Harrison friend
Matt Lingard
Matt Lingard (mutual) friend


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