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Job title or role title Learning Technology Advisor

Interests All use of LTs to improve student learning/satisfaction/achievement

What topics are on your radar? OER; Distance Learning student satisfaction; Wimba Voice;

What topics are you an expert in? Pretty nifty in a number of areas but not claiming *expertise* in any. Pedagogy - theory and practice - probably strongest suit.

7 September 2010
3 September 2010

Innovating in teaching with an intelligent design environment (Workshop 0087) - I see it as a comparable to the difference between 'intended learning outcomes' and 'objectives' in that it puts learning at the centre so it's not abstract but requires e.g. better contextual information such as learners' needs/want. At least we're not talking about 'instructional design'. Now, that one always made me shudder!

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1 September 2010

Wimba Voice - Who is out there with experience as we have a 6 month trial and would love to make contact with you and your experience? Yrs, Annette

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Annette Odell - Next year, Frank, then.

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Kathryn Trinder:

It was lovely to meet at last!
Here's to next time.

David Hawkridge:

I'll be there Wed and Thurs, Annette, so I'll look out for you.


Kathryn Trinder:

Yes, we must really really try and met this year :-)

Annette Odell:

Next year, Frank, then.