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About: Passionate about technology's power to transform learning, and stumbling slowly along the path to make it a reality.

Land-locked south african who grew up on a beach, but now lives in Cambridge, UK

Doing some exciting mobile learning + research in the US and Africa. Disaster relief. Learning at a time of dire need!

Job title or role title Director, Digital Learning Studio

Organisation Tribal

Interests m-learning, e-learning, mobile learning, open source, informal learning, learner voice, learner empowerment, tutor tools

What topics are on your radar? open source, collaboration, m-learning, mobile learning, e-learning, play, e-mentoring

What topics are you an expert in? m-learning, e-learning, digital learning tools, learner empowerment, mobile learning

9 September 2010

Mobile devices (3 Short Papers 0150, 0195, 0069) - Geoff and Geoff (!) are presenting on the intersect (or lack thereof) between mobile learning & SCORM. See our PPT attached

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8 September 2010
7 September 2010

Mobile learning demonstrations (2 Demonstrations 0088, 0151) - Hi Liz I will be presenting some international mobile learning work we are doing - here is a preview of the ppt

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6 September 2010

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1 September 2010

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Be good to see you Geoff!