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About: EduTech researcher at Open Universiteit (NL)

Job title or role title Assistant professor educational technology

Organisation Open Universiteit (The Netherlands)

What topics are on your radar? learning networks, professional learning, social media

What topics are you an expert in? social media in education, learning networks, professional learning

18 November 2010

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17 September 2010

Added Mark Johnson (friend)


9 September 2010

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8 September 2010

Learning environments (2 Proceedings Papers 0256, 0176) - Hybrid professional learning networks presentation available here.

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7 September 2010

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6 September 2010

Sally Reynolds - Shall we try and meet on Tuesday? I will be presenting on Wednesday, so probably too out-of-it to have a decent conversation ;-)

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5 September 2010

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3 September 2010

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Sally Reynolds:

Hi Steven, good to see you are going to be at ALT too, I am there for just Tuesday and wednesday so hope to find you there, cu soon