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About: I was until recently Director of Technology at Ufi/Learndirect where I oversaw the move to a custom open source VLE from the previous outsourced proprietary system. Prior to that I was Vice-President Systems & Service at The (USA) and formerly Director of MIS at three large FE colleges in England.
My last assignment at learndirect was for the architecture, deployment and integration of a Siebel CRM into an e-learning 2000-seat multi-channel contact centre and for the implementation of a large-scale Sun single-sign-on platform that integrated multiple core components migrating 1 million learner accounts.

Job title or role title Trustee of ALT and chair of their Publications cmte

Professional role Consultant / Interim Manager

Organisation Moore Answers Limited

Interests Mass scale e-learning, System and project goverance

What topics are on your radar? Agile learning mobile internet

What topics are you an expert in? Running mass scale e-learning platforms, Cloud computing, Mobile Internet

10 September 2010

Tom Boyle - I enjoyed our chat ! hope to meet again soon on that one. Dick

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Frances Bell - Frances, you mentioned your student who is doing the PHd on police use of mobile technology. Would it be an imposition to put us in touch. I am looking at the same thing and am very interested in just how poorly this was introduced combined with a poor choice of technology. Thanks Dick

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9 September 2010

Mark Brown - Mark, I very much enjoyed your session, I only regret that it you did not get a little longer to take us through it in more detail. Regards Dick Moore

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8 September 2010

Added Hayley Maisey (met) and Frances Bell (met)


5 September 2010

Innovating in teaching with an intelligent design environment (Workshop 0087) - I have worked on and with several groups transferring f2f lesson plans into blended and fully on-line courses. The rational was around developing new pedagogical models that worked for the learners (often workplace delivery) and integrating with a local context, the short answer therefore is both

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Innovating in teaching with an intelligent design environment (Workshop 0087) - Yes, when I taught NNEB students to use technology, bringing in material from their core curriculum as the core of the lesson established rapport and context. Bringing in content from another context also allows a bit of role reversal where I got to learn and made the session much more participative.

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3 September 2010

Using Google applications to support teaching and learning - Are there any delegates from institutions that have rolled out the Google Application stack for their students. I would really love to hear how its working out and how its being used to support teaching and learning?

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Dick Moore - Only attending Wednesday and Thursday this year but would like to meet up.

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Dick Moore:

Only attending Wednesday and Thursday this year but would like to meet up.