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Job title or role title Director, ScaLe Project

Professional role Research Manager and Fellow

Interests Education policy, social media, educational leadership

What topics are on your radar? Policy, leadership, innovation, social media, benchmarking

What topics are you an expert in? Policy, leadership, benchmarking, social media

10 September 2010

Added Joe Wilson (met) and Eddie Gulc (met)


7 September 2010
6 September 2010

Added Derek Morrison (friend), Graham Attwell (want-to-meet), fred garnett (friend), david kay (friend), and Hayley Maisey (friend)


3 September 2010

Added Helen Beetham (friend), Maren Deepwell (friend), Eddie Gulc (friend), Bob Harrison (friend), Jacquie Kelly (friend), Sarah Knight (friend), Seb Schmoller (friend), Sarah Sherman (friend), Will Stewart (friend), and Joe Wilson (friend)


Virendra's Network

Eddie Gulc
Eddie Gulc friend, met
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson (mutual) friend, met
Hayley Maisey
Hayley Maisey friend
david kay
david kay friend
fred garnett
fred garnett friend
Graham Attwell
Graham Attwell want-to-meet


Graham Attwell:

Hi Vivendra - when a good time to meet?