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About: I'm an artist, working in e-Learning since 1993, originally from Florida, now firmly entrenched here, working as Multimedia Graphic Artist on the Innovation Team in the newly renamed 'Information Services Learning Technology Section' (we used to be the IS Learning Team).
I am co-presenting poster 0204: First steps to second life: learning to simulate and simulating to learn.

Professional role Multimedia Graphic Artist

Interests Virtual Reality, Second Life, animation, 3d graphics

What topics are on your radar? virtual environments, digital repositories, Creative Commons, second life

What topics are you an expert in? Second Life, animation, illustration

8 September 2010

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7 September 2010

Richard Noss - Richard, I enjoyed speaking with you earlier today, thanks for your interest in our Second Life Pharmatopia build. You also mentioned visualisation of algorithms in 3d, not sure if you meant for SL or not. Reminded me of some interesting examples I have come across, still looking for some of the links, but here are others I unearthed: mathematical algorithms to 3d Shapeways has pages of 3d objects based on algorithms, submitted by designers to allow public to print the objects in various materials. Beautiful. uses 3 methods to create 3d objects, involving subdivision/radiolaria, particle systems and diffusion limited aggregation. Lets you play at distorting hexagonal grids via applets, looks like fun. Kind Regards, Colleen McCants, University of Nottingham

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