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About: Used to be a lecturer, then moved into an IT training and support role and now run UCL's Learning Technology Support Service. Working hard to get e-learning fully accepted at UCL - getting there... UCL likes classroom-based technology so we're pushing lecture capture, voting, and looking into mobile learning. Personally am very interested in PLEs, portfolios, Web 2.0, but having to be patient...

Just in case there is any danger of having any free time I am also a student on the Uni of Edinburgh's excellent MSc in E-learning. Oh, and on a year long leadership programme. Not a lot of time for anything else...

Professional role Manager - Learning Technology Support Service, UCL

Organisation University College London

What topics are on your radar? Quality enhancement, distance learning

What topics are you an expert in? multi-tasking

10 September 2010

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8 September 2010
7 September 2010
6 September 2010

Richard M. Davis - Will keep an eye out for you! Fiona

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Eoin McDonnell - Is there going to be a lecture capture bar camp at ALT-C? If yes, where and when do I find you?

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5 September 2010

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