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About: Member of the Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group, interested in the links between e-learning, policy and the participative Knowledge Economy. Now working on Ambient Learning by investigating non-formal approaches to supported learning based on locality and "Ambient Learning" I recently completed a version of the "Open Context Model of Learning" as a narrative novel.

Job title or role title Visiting Research Associate

Professional role Visiting Research Associate

Organisation London Knowledge Lab

Interests Learner-Generated Contexts, learning in and for the Knowledge Economy

What topics are on your radar? Educational Transformation, integrating informal non-formal and formal learning, Digital Literacy

What topics are you an expert in? Learners, Social Inclusion, Digital Literacies, Learning with Web 2.0, Education Policy, Green ICT, Adaptive Institutions, Sustainablility

7 September 2010

Added geoff stead (friend) and Graham Attwell (friend)


6 September 2010
5 September 2010

Helen Keegan - Hi Helen, think so and going to #FALT10 drink on Monday evening?

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Added Helen Keegan (friend)


4 September 2010

Added Helen Beetham (friend), Josie Fraser (friend), Sarah Knight (friend), Tim Neumann (friend), Tom Boyle (friend), andy black (friend), Haydn Blackey (want-to-meet), Diane Brewster (friend), Richard Hall (want-to-meet), david kay (friend), Helen Keegan (want-to-meet), paul lowe (want-to-meet), Anne McDermott (want-to-meet), Richard Noss (friend), James O'Toole (friend), geoff stead (want-to-meet), Joss Winn (want-to-meet), and Frances Bell (want-to-meet)


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Graham Attwell
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Helen Keegan
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James O'Toole
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Helen Keegan:

hi fred, are you coming to the edubloggers meet-up on tues eve?