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About: I am a researcher working for Pontydysgu, an independent Wales based research organisation

Job title or role title Researcher

Organisation Pontydysgu

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What topics are on your radar? PLES

What topics are you an expert in? I would never consider myself to be an expert in anything but I am pretty good at tactics for Werder Bremen football team

6 September 2010

Virendra Mistry - Hi Vivendra - when a good time to meet?

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Kirstie Coolin - When is a good time to meet up Kirstie

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5 September 2010

Tech, Power, Education: a Case for EdTech Activism - Be happy to video or / and stream this session if someone has a camera good enough

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Kirstie Coolin:

I'll be on the JISC stand 1:30 Weds