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Professional role Technologist

What topics are on your radar? e-assessment, Pedagogical uses of rich media in HE, Mobile apps (Android & Apple)

6 September 2010

Added Fiona Strawbridge (want-to-meet) and Fiona Strawbridge (friend)


5 September 2010

Added Mike Damiano (want-to-meet), Philip Tubman (want-to-meet), Julie Voce (want-to-meet), and Matt Lingard (want-to-meet)


John's Network

Fiona Strawbridge
Fiona Strawbridge (mutual) want-to-meet, friend
Matt Lingard
Matt Lingard (mutual) want-to-meet
Julie Voce
Julie Voce (mutual) want-to-meet
Philip Tubman
Philip Tubman (mutual) want-to-meet
Mike Damiano
Mike Damiano want-to-meet


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