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About: I'm a programme manager within the e-Learning team at JISC, and am currently managing the Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology programme. I also lead on co-ordinating the JISC e-Portfolio activities.

Job title or role title ALT Programme Committee member

Professional role Programme Manager

Organisation JISC

Interests Curriculum delivery, e-portfolios

What topics are you an expert in? e-portfolios

6 September 2010

Added Sandra Huskinson (friend), Lucy Stone (friend), Rhona Sharpe (friend), Patrick Bellis (friend), Sarah Sherman (friend), Doug Belshaw (friend), Sarah Knight (friend), Marianne Sheppard (friend), Sheila MacNeill (friend), Helen Beetham (friend), and Haydn Blackey (friend)


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Haydn Blackey
Haydn Blackey (mutual) friend
Helen Beetham
Helen Beetham (mutual) friend
Sheila MacNeill
Sheila MacNeill (mutual) friend
Marianne Sheppard
Marianne Sheppard (mutual) friend
Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight (mutual) friend
Doug Belshaw
Doug Belshaw (mutual) friend


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