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About: C&IT Manager and OER project manager for the UK Centre for Bioscience. Interested in making OER work pragmatically and especially getting materials re-used and embedded in other institutions while building working collaborative relationships in the Bioscience disciplines.

Job title or role title C&IT Manager

Professional role C&IT in L&T, e-Journal producer, OER project manager

Organisation Centre for Bioscience

Interests e-learning in the Biosciences

What topics are on your radar? m-learning, OER

What topics are you an expert in? Implementation of IT for learning and teaching

8 September 2010

Donald Clark Keynote - You were not the only one to express these concerns. Many of his assumptions were disassembled in the facilitated discussion afterwards. HE has moved on a lot from Donald's assuptions and it was clear to us he had not seen what work has been done in situ and the HE academy as a whole. It was entertaining and thought provoking but not particularly convincing as it went a little to far at times.

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6 September 2010

0236 Are you on-board with Open Educational Resources? -

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