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Donald Clark Keynote

10:20 - 11:20 on Tuesday, 7 September 2010 in Room MA

Transcript of talk on the ALT Open Access Repository.

Video of Donald's keynote

702 Don't lecture me Donald Clark
702 Don't lecture me Donald Clark As student numbers increase and cuts are implemented the HE sector has to do more for less. This means less low occupancy building, cutbacks in second and third rate research, cutting low student number courses and a rethink of how we are to deliver higher education. The sector has largely ignored the most important event in 20th century HE, the creation of the OU, and therefore the opportunity to increase student numbers. However, there’s a dark secret at the heart of HE that really holds it back - the lecture. Apart from being pedagogically suspect, many are badly delivered and few are recorded. Donald will do some deconstruction of the lecture in terms of its history, lack of relevance in the terms of the psychology of learning and serious limitations for students. He will use the teaching of science, physics in particular, to show the shortcomings of courses anchored in lectures. (And before you ask, yes he is aware of the contradiction!)