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Conference Website

The conference home is this CrowdVine site. It includes announcements, the conference programme, discussions, delegate profiles and blog posts. CrowdVine is public but only delegates can register and interact. It is also searchable.


Conference Programme

The full programme is in CrowdVine, including a schedule tool to create a personalised, exportable schedule. The CrowdVine site has been optimised for use on mobile devices, and here is the QR code for the conference programme:

QR code for conference programme







There will be links to PDFs of the main conference documents (Introduction and Abstracts, Proceedings, Programme Guide, etc.) on the ALT Open Access Repository. The Conference Proceedings will be available in additional formats including HTML, XML, ePub, and Mobi, making them well suited for use with eReaders, iPads etc.


ALT-C 2011 will have an active ‘backchannel’ with delegates and non-delegates communicating and sharing resources online.

  • Delegates can contribute to discussions on CrowdVine.
  • Twitter is expected to be the busiest backchannel. Please include #altc2011 in your updates. At least one screen in the refreshments area at the venue will be displaying the #altc2011 twitter stream. You can also follow ALT’s Twitter account: @A_L_T.
  • There is also a public Facebook page.

Keynotes & Invited Speakers

  • The keynotes and invited speaker sessions will all be broadcast live & recorded using Adobe Connect, with links provided to Adobe Connect sessions within CrowdVine. There are set-up details on the ALT Live page.
  • After the conference the recordings of keynote and invited speaker sessions will be made available on the ALT YouTube channel.

Conference Blogging

ALT is aggregating a selection of delegates’ blog posts offering reflections on individual sessions and the conference as a whole. These will be displayed on Crowdvine, Facebook & available as a Feed for personal feed readers.

Tagged Resources

Please use the altc2011 tag when adding resources to Social Media sites such as Delicious, Flickr & Youtube.

If you have any suggestions of feeds to add to these collections please contact Matt Lingard.

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