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Thursday, September 8, 2011

ALT-C 2011 - Wordled...

Being a curious soul, I decided to Wordle the tweets I'd done during ALT-C 2011 to see what key themes or words emerged.  Interestingly, tech balanced evenly with learning... and noticing the prominence of my 'elearningbingo' tag* in there - it's clear that there's still a fair bit of jargon kicking around.  What is good though is that there isn't tons of mention of particular tools - things that stand out are education, change, need, listening, interesting, teaching, students, good, talk - and these are far more important than the technical specifics.

Possibly that's what my ear is listening out for!  But, a lot of going to these things is filtering to get to the heart of what will get you thinking and moving forwards.  Making connections between ideas and having that moment of pause which is so important.

Anyway, off for a mull (and a sleep!).  These things sure are tiring!

* I play a game with myself when I go to events - listen out for the jargon / buzzword / phrase of the moment and play bingo with it.  The main culprit at this conference was 'doing more with less' - which is a nonsense statement.  Less what?  Enthusiasm?  Interest?  Joy?  Engagement?  Of course not.  Tarting up 'budgets have been cut and you have to deal with it' is fine... but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that we're still in this to improve and expand the learning opportunities of others (and ourselves).  Rant... out.  :o)
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