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Jill Fresen posted Innovation in Australia

I thought Gilly Salmon's claim that "there is little innovation in Australia" was in poor taste and I did approach her about it afterwards. In terms of learning technology (and after all, isn't that what we are supposed to be focusing on?) Australia is very well respected in the field of instructional design and has been for a very long time (names like John Hedberg, Ron Oliver, Catherine McLoughlin, Joe Lucas and many more....). You don't need t... [read more]

Fri, Sep 9 at 9:47AM (4 comments)
Nick Halafihi posted Twitter for lectures!

I wonder if anyone thinks that twitter could be a useful way of getting students to ask questions during lectures-as they think of them? The lecturer could use 5 mins at the end to visit them!

Thu, Sep 8 at 10:36AM (3 comments)
Clare Killen posted Last chance ...

Last chance to collect your copy of Emerging Practice in a Digital Age from the JISC stand. Limited print copies available.

Thu, Sep 8 at 10:25AM (0 comments)

Looking forward to 'From challenge to change' assessment and feedbak workshop with Mark Russell, Sarah Knight and Ros Smith in room ECS 8.9 at 10.30. Promises to be highly interactive!

Thu, Sep 8 at 10:23AM (0 comments)
fred garnett posted WikiQuals

My WikiQals project mentioned in my talk yesterday is described here;

Thu, Sep 8 at 7:45AM (0 comments)
Carol Shergold posted Moodle meet up resources share

It was good to see people at the meet up. If you want to provide URLS or other materials, why not post them here? The Sussex E-learning team blog is at and it gives some examples of what we've been doing.

Wed, Sep 7 at 7:30PM (4 comments)
Gavin Henrick posted Moodle 2 workshop/discussion

Hi all As some are interested, I am available to do a workshop/presentation session on Moodle 2 tomorrow. I can go through /demo whatever features people who come along want to see such as repositories/portfolios or anything else. Post below if interested and we can sort a time. G

Wed, Sep 7 at 6:57PM (13 comments)

Colleagues wanting to explore the leadership and practitioner tools we discussed with you in the session can get access via the links on the last few slides of the attached ppt; or do come and see us on the LSIS stand tomorrow; look for the big greeny G. Terri and Nigel

Wed, Sep 7 at 6:17PM (0 comments)

After yesterday's sesson on the "digital practitioner" the documents supporting the session have been posted this morning. Please contact me on if you would like the reference materials and the final report of the project. Nigel

Wed, Sep 7 at 10:46AM (2 comments)

Please take our policy forest survey to contribute your views toward a heterarchic* strategy for technology in FE and Skills... go to the LSIS e-maturity team *the opposite of hierarchic

Wed, Sep 7 at 10:07AM (0 comments)
Elizabeth Hartnell-Young posted flexible learning

We in Victoria are writing a research paper (lit review)on flexible learning supported by technologies. Our remit is early years, schooling, FE and HE. I'm including formal and informal mobile learning, alternative settings, particular target groups including adults. If you have any interesting examples showing improvement in engagement, attainment, retention or any other aspects of learning, I'd be interested to include them. Our other papers ar... [read more]

Tue, Sep 6 at 11:23PM (0 comments)
Rick Humphries posted Work-based Learning

Anyone interested in meeting up to discuss the use of technology in work-based learning? Would be great to share some experiences - I'll be around tomorrow (wed) if anyone is interested

Tue, Sep 6 at 5:45PM (1 comment)

Are there any Moodle users who would be interested in meeting up? I'd be very interested in an informal session looking at each other's Moodle sites and particularly thinking about usability in Moodle. We'd be up for doing a brief demo of our new Moodle dashboard ... Weds early evening might be a good time? If people are interested, reply here and I'll try to sort out a room.

Wed, Sep 7 at 1:39PM (12 comments)
Julie Voce posted Contribute to ALT News Online!

ALT News online ( will be putting together an ALT-C 2011 conference report. We're interested in hearing about your experiences at the conference e.g. most interesting/exciting sessions, favourite moments, key things you'll take back and investigate further and general comments about the conference. Please email your experiences to Julie Voce ( indicating whether you want to be cited or not. We'll ... [read more]

Tue, Sep 6 at 5:08PM (0 comments)
Sandra Huskinson posted Digital Practitioner Survey Link

Tue, Sep 6 at 4:41PM (0 comments)

Anyone have experience with producing Articulate resources (tutorials/OERs/modules/LOs whatever)? We are a small medical school with one LTech (me) and a growing call for production of a series of web tutorials. I'm interested in how much time/effort/money the powers would have to be willing to invest to make it happen. We've got the software, that's the easy bit.

Tue, Sep 6 at 3:46PM (0 comments)
Seb Schmoller posted A key to room codes

In this CrowdVine web site we use the following location codes. (I am also pasting in links showing the timetable for each location.) Seb Schmoller Rooms in the Conference Auditorium - marked 2 on page 24 of the printed conference guide A1 - the main auditorium A2 - the smaller lecture theatre adjacent to the main auditorium Rooms in the EC Stoner Building - marked 4 on p... [read more]

Tue, Sep 6 at 7:07AM (0 comments)

Thanks to Crowdvine's iCal support, you can subscribe to your conference schedule on your phone or iPad. 1. Go to the interactive timetable and add some sessions to your personal schedule with the "+" buttons. 2. If you're not already using it, go to the interactive timetable using Mobile Safari (you might need to use the "Go to full site" link at the bottom of the page). 3. Tap on the square grey calendar icon at the top of the personal schedule... [read more]

Mon, Sep 5 at 4:26PM (7 comments)

The crowdvine site lets you pick which sessions you are planning to attend. If you use google calendar and want to import the ics file the procedure is to : 1. use the interactive timetable to build up your selections 2. on the right hand side by the personal schedule heading select the right sq icon to download an ics file and save to your computer 3.Open google calendar and Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars. 4. Select Import calendar... [read more]

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Carol Elston posted Session Promotion!

I make no apologies for using this forum to drum up interest in our demo session. If you are an e-learning developer or a subject matter expert come along and hear about the lessons we learned when working on a recent project. Also come prepared to share your tips on ensuring a good working relationship between SMEs and developers (Tuesday 6th, 11.40, session 63, Smart Working).

Mon, Sep 5 at 11:12AM (0 comments)

The "definite" Pecha Kucha sessions and the "definit" ePosters are now quite stable, with only very minor changes likely over the next 24 hours . All are accessible via the PK tag in CrowdVine, and we've revised somewhat the timings of the sessions to reflect the somewhat smaller number of Pecha Kucha sessions than we catered for initially. So, 20 Pecha Kuchas and 26 ePosters. In case of difficulty, email me. Seb Schmoller

Mon, Sep 5 at 10:32AM (0 comments)
Martin Hamilton posted Meet the Undergraduates of 2020

Film from @edintheclouds for ALT-C 2011 Cloud Learning Session -

Mon, Sep 5 at 8:18AM (0 comments)

Hey folks, just to let you know that I've added a public Google Doc scratchpad for Cloud Learning discussions (in session 0128) at ALT-C 2011 - URL for this is

Mon, Sep 5 at 4:23AM (0 comments)
James Clay posted ALT Live Beta

This has been an experiment I have been thinking about doing for a while now, and I emphasise this is an experiment, hence the beta moniker. I have no idea if this will work as planned or is something that people will engage with. So at ALT-C 2011 I am trying a new idea in order to capture, create and engage in that “silent” online time. Probably the best way to describe what ALT Live Beta is, is if you have ever watched Glastonbury or T4 on the ... [read more]

Sun, Sep 4 at 11:22AM (2 comments)

Below you can see how if you do not put your country into your profile, CrowdVine sometimes assumes you reside in a US state. If you've been caught by this - see below - please edit your profile to include your country. Thank you. Seb Schmoller Arkansas - Bradford Alabama - Leeds, Brighton, Oxford, Birmingham, Florence, York [read more]

Sun, Sep 4 at 8:09AM (0 comments)

Cost cutting, restructuring, redundancy and other economic restrictions. Sounds like another today programme on Radio 4. But apart from the pedagogical opportunities for simulation, is it a red herring for the accountants?

Sat, Sep 3 at 6:21PM (0 comments)

I'm working on a wee TEPL funded project to look at the attitudes to, and awareness of, competency and other such professional frameworks, records of achievement, CPD, that sort of thing. Use of ePortfolios comes in there too. I'd like to take the opportunity of ALT-C to talk to academic and support staff in elearning about their attitudes to this. If you're interested and could find 20 minutes please contact me or twitter @r... [read more]

Fri, Sep 2 at 5:23PM (0 comments)

We have a strategic focus on eassessment this year at NTU, particularly, esubmission and feedback, would anybody be interested in grouping up during the conference to discuss your institutional experiences with respect to engaging staff & resourcing eassessment, anything from CBA, esubmission and efeedback?

Fri, Sep 2 at 12:11PM (11 comments)
David Kernohan posted Into Open Country

High Noon. Wednesday. Auditorium 2. We're using western metaphors to examine the ways in which institutions and individuals are adapting to (willing or otherwise) life on the frontiers of openness. We're particularly focusing on the OER world, but other "opens" are sure to find their way in there. And we have an authentic-looking trailer: (youtube)

Thu, Sep 1 at 3:53PM (0 comments)
Seb Schmoller posted An update and a note of thanks

1. We've published the Proceedings Papers for the conference. They can be accessed as a collection in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and HTML format from This kind of multi-format publishing is new to us and we welcome feedback. 2. There are also links to each paper from the Proceedings Paper sessions in the conference programme here on CrowdVine. Example. 3. We have made some minor adjustments to arrangements for chairing sessio... [read more]

Fri, Sep 2 at 8:07AM (1 comment)

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