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About: I work half-time as Chief Executive of ALT. I have a parallel existence as an independent consultant.

Prior to joining ALT in 2002 I spent six years as Learning Technology Development Manager at the Sheffield College, where I am now a Governor.

In a small organisation like ALT you have to turn your hand to many things, and this CrowdVine site is one of them.

Professional role Chief Executive of ALT

Organisation, if you have one ALT

Interests Cross-country skiing, Piano

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? Debt! (not my own....)

12 September 2011
6 September 2011

A key to room codes - In this CrowdVine web site we use the following location codes. (I am also pasting in links showing the timetable for each location.) Seb Schmoller Rooms in the Conference Auditorium - marked 2 on page 24 of the printed conference guide A1 - the main...

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5 September 2011

Pecha Kucha and ePoster update - 10.30 5/9/2011 - The "definite" Pecha Kucha sessions and the "definit" ePosters are now quite stable, with only very minor changes likely over the next 24 hours . All are accessible via the PK tag in CrowdVine, and we've revised somewhat the timings of the sessions t...

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4 September 2011

Migration (colonisation?!) paths / please put your country in your profile - Below you can see how if you do not put your country into your profile, CrowdVine sometimes assumes you reside in a US state. If you've been caught by this - see below - please edit your profile to include your country. Thank you. Seb Schmoller Arkan...

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3 September 2011

Matthew Mobbs - Matthew - feedback on your use of our materials on your iP*D would be very useful to us for future years. Seb Schmoller

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Joe Wilson - Joe - though personally I'd love to see you at the Trustees' meeting we operate "a very selective door" as I think they say in bouncer school. Seb

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1 September 2011

An update and a note of thanks - It is bad form to comment on something one has written, but even worse to monopolise postings. We've now published a PDF of the Abstracts for the conference at We will post a "topped and tailed" version of the Abstracts during 2 September. There is (we hope.....), a 99% match between the wording of the PDF and the wording of the abstracts in CrowdVine, so treat these as alternative ways of viewing the same material. Be aware that the PDF does not attempt to indicate when a particular talk will be given. For that use CrowdVine or the conference timetable. Seb Schmoller

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Chris Jones - Seb

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31 August 2011

An update and a note of thanks - 1. We've published the Proceedings Papers for the conference. They can be accessed as a collection in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and HTML format from This kind of multi-format publishing is new to us and we welcome feedback. 2. T...

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30 August 2011

An update, "back-up" chairs, a suggestion about countries - 1. Update We've made some small changes to CrowdVine's setup. The programme is now live at, and there is a QR code for it if you want to access it with a smart phone. The QR code is here

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Signed up to attend Meeting of ALT Trustees


28 August 2011

Linda Creanor - Hi Linda, shows you the sessions John has allocated you to chair - all of them have "Linda Creanor (Chair)" against them in Seb

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27 August 2011

Conference programme now live here on CrowdVine - You can now access the conference programme via the "Conference Programme" to the right of the "Home" tab above. Between now and 2 September we aim to make adjustments to the programme in response to issues raised by participants. (Obviously, some th...

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17 August 2011

Pre-conference workshops on Monday 5 September - points to details of three interesting pre-conference workshops that are being held in Leeds on Monday 5 September. Prior booking is advised. Seb Schmoller

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15 August 2011

Pierre Gorissen - Hi Pierre - it may amuse you to know that seven years later we are still making good use of - most recently to make an archive of ALT News Online when migrating it from a commercial service to self hosting See, for example, Regards, Seb

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8 August 2011

The end of an error? - Hello Terry That report (hopefully not an error report....) is probably one that would be well used by others if Leeds University was happy for it to be shared widely; and in principle ALT would be interested in helping distribute it. I'll use this comment to highlight to users unfamiliar with CrowdVine that it has some quite smart properties. For example, (got to by clicking on the word "yes" in someone's profile) shows those with accounts for whom this conference will be their first ALT-C. Please make them, especially, feel welcome. Seb

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ALT-C 2011 CrowdVine going wider - Later today - 8 August - we will send invitations to all those attending ALT-C 2011 who confirmed when they booked that they want to have an account on the CrowdVine site for the conference.

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Added Alan Cann (friend) and Tom Franklin (friend)


24 June 2011

A brief update for the Programme Committee - Dear all, Yesterday we posted the first cut of the conference timetable at Plenty of change to come, but this gives you a good sense of the breadth and depth of the conference...

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5 May 2011

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16 April 2011

Added Ayshe Kok (want-to-meet)


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