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6 September 2011

Flexible Service Delivery and What comes next (JISC Symposium 0402) - Here is Alex Hawker's presentation for this session.

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5 September 2011

Meeting for session chairs - here is the presentation for this session. john

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2 September 2011

Flexible Service Delivery and What comes next (JISC Symposium 0402) - Here is an overview of this session. It is in two halves with the break between them at the usual time. The first half deals with the programme level and future funding, the second looks at the work and outputs of three relevant projects.

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1 September 2011
29 August 2011

Signed up to attend Meeting for session chairs


28 August 2011

Time to check the guidelines - If you are presenting then there are guidelines at There are separate ones for ePosters. For other types of presentation there are Chairs of Session detailed on the CV Timetable an...

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23 March 2011

the papers are waiting for review - This year we are especially keen to have some feedback on the relevance of the presentation for those attending the conference. What will be the level of value/usefulness/interest to attendees? Submitters have been asked to identify relevant audiences but we would like to give them some feedback on how to make the material more attractive to delegates. Thus a part of your comments addressing this area would be welcome: it will also help us schedule the sessions into rooms of varying sizes.

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22 March 2011

the papers are waiting for review - At last the proposals are ready for review (there is the odd small number with files not yet anonymised properly - but the relevant reviewers know by personal email). So go look soon to make sure you have not got a conflict of interest so that we can...

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22 February 2011

Added Trevor Barker (want-to-meet)


John's Network

Trevor Barker
Trevor Barker want-to-meet


Lawrie Hunter:

Hello John,

I would be happy to chair on Tuesday if need be. I'm doing a pechakucha late afternoon that day.
Also, perhaps you can help me or refer me: I registered for Wed Sept 7 as my pechakucha was scheduled that day - then it got moved to Tues 6. I asked Anna Davidge about changing my registration to Tues 6 only, but no reply in some days.
Will there be any problem about changing my one day registration from 9/7 to 9/6?
Thanks so much
Lawrie Hunter

Bex Lewis:

Ditto, can help chair if necessary.

Rich Goodman:

Hi John,

Happy to step in and chair a conference session if needed.