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Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

1 September 2011

NMC Horizon. JISC Project - Pre-Conference Workshop material for all delegates attending.

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30 August 2011
8 August 2011

Added Sarah Horrigan (friend), Liz Wyatt (friend), Anna Davidge (friend), Dick Moore (friend), Frances Bell (friend), Liz Bennett (friend), Haydn Blackey (friend), James Clay (friend), Lesley Diack (friend), Shirley Evans (friend), Devampika Getkahn (friend), Celia Gough (friend), Nick Jeans (friend), and Dean Sheetz (friend)


15 December 2010

Added John Slater (friend) and Seb Schmoller (friend)


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Celia Gough
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Devampika Getkahn
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Shirley Evans
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Lesley Diack
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