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About: Looking forward to ALT-C 2011 - As chair of ALT's Membership Services Committee I hope to support existing members and look at new ways of engaging with our membership.

Plus I hope to see what I can learn from being at and participating in the conference.

Professional role Head of Learning and Teaching

Organisation, if you have one University of Glamorgan

Interests Technology Enhanced Learning; Blended Learning; Distance online Learning; HE in FE; Supporting Learning in Schools; Developing learning solutions for marginalised communities

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

7 September 2011
6 September 2011

Pedagogic Teachers’ Advances (Three Short Papers 0238, 0087, 0263) - Hi folks, I'm looking forward to chairing this session. It looks like some fantastic research work producing fascinating outcomes. See you later. Cheers, Haydn

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4 September 2011
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