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About: Michelle leads a diverse and vibrant life as a course chair, associate lecturer, technology enthusiast, Ph.D. student, and World of Warcraft guild mistress. She's an inaugural member of the new ALT GB SIG.

Michelle's part-time Ph.D., started in 2008, combines her lifelong love of teaching, community building, and gaming to examine learning and motivation in World of Warcraft (WoW).

Michelle's a long-time member of the IDEAs Lab in the School of Informatics at the University of Sussex, where she's currently working on a Ph.D. under the direction of the Lab's head Dr. Judith Good.

Michelle also teaches, writes, and chairs courses at The Open University on accessibility, online learning, Open Source, PHP, and e-business technologies. In 2010, she completed the two-year Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice and trained a second character to 80 in WoW.

In her past life, she's worked in the University of Zürich's Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence groups. While in Switzerland, she also worked with Peter Schauble's team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology on the EuroSpider project. She's a co-author with Kenrick Mock of several IRC-based games, including Risky Business and Acrophobia. She's 100% made in Canada.

Professional role Course Chair, Associate Lecturer, Ph.D. Student

Organisation, if you have one University of Sussex, The Open University

Interests game-based learning, persistence, motivation, communities of practice, problem-based learning, collaborative learning, androgogy, heutagogy, distance education, higher education

What topics are on your radar? open educational resources (OER), peer assessment, emotions and learning, ethnographic research

6 September 2011
31 January 2011

Rita Kop - All hail the (small) Canadian contingent!

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Added Juliette Culver (want-to-meet)


20 December 2010

Anna Peachey - I was "good" and resisted the temptation to post my usual green-haired, long-eared avatar from WoW. I may have to rethink that!

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Added Shirley Evans (want-to-meet), Anna Peachey (want-to-meet), Kathryn Trinder (friend), Steve Wheeler (friend), and Anna Peachey (friend)


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Juliette Culver
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