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9/8 12:40 Closing remarks and Launch of ALT-C 2012

About: I'm the E-learning Services Manager working in the ICT department at Imperial College London. I am responsible for managing and supporting Imperial's central e-learning services, such as the VLE, Turnitin and lecture recording systems.

For ALT, I am a Deputy Editor of the ALT online newsletter as well as a member of the Publications and Membership Services Committees. This is my third year as a member of the ALT-C programme committee.

In addition I am the Chair of the UCISA Academic Support Group, part of the UCISA Support Services Group.

Professional role E-learning Services Manager

Organisation, if you have one Imperial College London

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? VLE, lecture capture, OER

9 September 2011

Sustainable TEL development (Symposium 0098) - Here is a copy of the presentation from the symposium. To find out more about the UCISA Technology Enhanced Learning survey see: We had an excellent panel session followed by some really interesting group discussions. I will be uploading notes from the group discussions in the next couple of weeks.

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7 September 2011
6 September 2011

Contribute to ALT News Online! - ALT News online ( will be putting together an ALT-C 2011 conference report. We're interested in hearing about your experiences at the conference e.g. most interesting/exciting sessions, favourite moments, key things you'll...

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