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About: Thomas Cochrane is an Academic Advisor and Senior Lecturer in educational Technology at AUT University's Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLAT). Previously Thomas Cochrane was an Academic Advisor (elearning and Learning Technologies) with Unitec from 2004 to 2011. His research interests include mobile learning, web 2.0, and communities of practice. His PHD thesis was titled: "Mobilizing Learning: Transforming pedagogy with mobile web 2.0". Thomas has managed and implemented over 35 mobile learning projects, with a recent focus upon Android and iOS smartphones and the iPad as catalysts to enable student-generated content and student-generated learning contexts, bridging formal and informal learning environments. He has over 70 peer reviewed publications.
Thomas is a musician and has been a loudspeaker designer, audio engineer, youth pastor, and lecturer in audio engineering and music production.

BE, BD, GDHE, MTS, Mcomp, PHD (Monash).

Professional role Academic Advisor (elearning & Learning Technologies)

Organisation, if you have one Unitec, New Zealand

Interests Music, Recording, Multimedia, mlearning, cycling, squash

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? Yes

What topics are on your radar? Augmented Reality

6 September 2011
4 September 2011
3 September 2011

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1 September 2011
31 August 2011

ROOM SWAP Developing students and teachers (One Two Proceedings Papers 0094 and 0079) - Notes for my Proceedings Paper Presentation 0094 can be found at:

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Thom Cochrane - Notes for my Proceedings Paper Presentation 0094 can be found at: 12:00 to 12:30 Weds 7 Sept

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30 August 2011
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Doug Belshaw
Doug Belshaw (mutual) friend
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fred garnett (mutual) want-to-meet
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Sue Beckingham (mutual) want-to-meet
Helen Keegan
Helen Keegan (mutual) want-to-meet
John Traxler
John Traxler (mutual) friend
Steve Wheeler
Steve Wheeler (mutual) want-to-meet


Thom Cochrane:

Notes for my Proceedings Paper Presentation 0094 can be found at: http://thomcochrane.wikispa...

12:00 to 12:30 Weds 7 Sept

Helen Keegan:

Finally, we will meet f2f! Really looking forward to it :)