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About: I am a researcher at the National Research Council of Canada’s ITT Learning and Collaborative Technologies Group and my research currently focuses on Personal Learning Environments. Before I moved to Canada I was an Assistant Professor in Adult Continuing Education in the UK after a career as teacher and head-teacher in Dutch elementary education. My research interests are personalized learning, self-directed learning on open online networks.

Professional role Researcher

Organisation, if you have one National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Information Technology, Learning and Collaborative Technology Group

Interests Personal Learning Environments, Connectivism, Pedagogy

What topics are on your radar? LearningAnalytics

20 December 2010

Added Haydn Blackey (friend) and Steve Wheeler (friend)


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Steve Wheeler
Steve Wheeler (mutual) friend
Haydn Blackey
Haydn Blackey (mutual) friend


Michelle A. Hoyle:

All hail the (small) Canadian contingent!