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About: I worked for over 20 years in Further Education, teaching English at all pre-degree levels and Skills for Life. Having been seconded to Becta as an e-learning mentor, I left FE to manage a Content Development team for the South Yorkshire e-Learning Programme. I'm now an e-learning consultant with a particular interest in e-inclusion and e-content. I am a CMALT holder and Assessor and an Accredited Trainer for JISC Techdis. I am a member of ALT's Membership Services Committee.

Professional role Consultant in Learning Technology

Organisation, if you have one Sero Consulting Ltd

Interests Sports (watching and playing) walking, snooker; my (2 teenage) kids; travel, languages; music, art, photography; dogs; use of IT for overcoming disadvantage in education and health;

What topics are on your radar? e-inclusion and e-content

8 September 2011

Signed up to attend The Digital Practitioner (Workshop 0201)


7 September 2011
6 September 2011

Anu Sharma - Thanks for the message, Anu. I hope to see you on Tuesday or Wednesday, but if not, good luck with the session. See you there! Nick

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5 September 2011

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4 September 2011

e-learning initiatives and Virtual Schools (Workshop 0082) - I would like to record delegates' knowledge of Virtual schools and colleges that deserve mention in the VISCED wiki ( To do this, I've set up an Etherpad document at which we can all contribute to before, during or after the workshop. Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday! Nick Jeans

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3 September 2011

e-learning initiatives and Virtual Schools (Workshop 0082) - Presentation attached

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2 September 2011
1 September 2011

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Anu Sharma:

Hi Nick

I am presenting at the session that you will be chairing 'Sustainable Support'. I thought I would introduce myself!

Look forward to meeting you on Thursday if not earlier!