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About: I work at Leicester University (Institute of Lifelong Learning and Education) and Loughborough University (Business School) as a Learning Technologist/Online Developer and I also do some freelance work for University of Nottingham and various other institutions.

My first degree is in Art and Design with Inter-arts (Audio, video and multimedia) from University of Leeds and I also have an MSc in Advanced Interactive Technology, Learning Science Reserach Institute, University of Nottingham.

I have a wide range of skills including design (I was Medical Artist and Multimedia Manager, University of Nottingham), animation, audio, video, photography, VLEs (Blackboard, Moodle, WebCt to name a few....

I have worked supporting curriculum design and development for a number of years.

Professional role Online Development Officer/Learning Technologist

Organisation, if you have one Loughborough University/University of Leicester

Interests Accessibility, audio, video, flash animation, pedagogy, oer, usability, reusable learning objects, video conferencing, video streaming, SMS

What topics are on your radar? Accessibility, audio, video, flash animation, oer, pedagogy, reusable learning objects, video streaming, SMS, second life, games

8 September 2011

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11 August 2011

Al Holloway - Hi Al I dont recognise you as a friend but I'm happy to meet up. I'm at conference all week. Best wishes Sandra

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Catherine Leyland - Hi Catherine I don't recognise you as a friend can you remind me where we've met? I'm at conference all wk if you want to meet up? Best wishes Sandra

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Catherine Leyland:

Hi Sandra, sorry I meant to click the 'Would like to meet' option! We haven't met before but I would be interested in having a chat sometime.

Best wishes,