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About: I am an active researcher in pedagogy and ICT and am keen to explore how technology can be used to create a rich, active and vibrant learning and teaching experience. My work also investigates the use of technology to support effective quality assurance and enhancement. I also maintain a strong subject interest in computer networks from both a teaching and research point of view, and have a growing interest in Green ICT.

Professional role Associate Dean - Learning and Teaching, School of CEIS

Organisation, if you have one Northumbria University

Interests E-learning, work based learning, online learning, technology to support learning, teaching and the student experience, e-assessment, green ICT, computer networks, mobile and wireless

What topics are on your radar? new ways of using technology to support learning and teaching, thinking outside the box

7 September 2011

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5 September 2011

Sharp end research (Two Proceedings Papers 0126 and 0218) - Here are the slides for Paper 126 Effectiveness of technology to support work based learning: the stakeholders' perspective

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Collaborative Technology (Three Short Papers 0038, 0043, 0017) - I'm looking forward to your presentation :)

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Employer Engagement (Workshop 0166) - Thanks for the documents - and I'm looking forward to the workshop itself :)

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17 August 2011

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