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About: I work within IT Services at the University of Sussex as Head of Learning Systems. My role includes ensuring that the development of our VLE and its integration with other tools and technologies matches up with the needs of students and staff. In the last year I have also taken on responsibilty for developments around audio-visual and multimedia tools.

My institution has been using Moodle across the campus since 2005. We are particularly interested in developments that
* integrate Moodle with other campus services to provide a streamlined service for staff and students
* improve on the usability of Moodle

In the last year we have showcased a number of developments in Moodle that aim to improve usability for staff and students.

Professional role Head of Learning Systems

Organisation, if you have one University of Sussex

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? usability of e-learning tools and systems, lecture capture, web conferencing, turnitin, online submission, online marking, grademark

8 September 2011

Moodle 2 workshop/discussion - Sorry to miss you today but would be very interested in a webinar Carol

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7 September 2011

Moodle meet up - CONFIRMED Wed 6pm Stoner 7.73 - Sounds like there's enough interest to get something going. How about 6pm today (Weds) I'll confirm a venue this morning.

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Moodle meet up - CONFIRMED Wed 6pm Stoner 7.73 - Moodle meet up Now arranged for Weds 7th at 6pm in Stoner 7.73 I suggest that we make the demos about 5 mins long and make sure we have plenty of time for discussion. We have the room until 7pm Hope to see you there Carol

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Moodle 2 workshop/discussion - I'm definitely up for this, and i thought your suggestion of sometime over lunch was good.

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Moodle meet up resources share - It was good to see people at the meet up. If you want to provide URLS or other materials, why not post them here? The Sussex E-learning team blog is at and it gives some examples of what we've been doing.

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6 September 2011

Institutional Action (Four Short Papers 0008, 0175, 0198, 0084) - Hi I've uploaded slides for 0175 Students’ autonomous use of Turnitin – evaluating an institutional deployment This includes speakers' notes (see for further details of how to find them) Hope to see you on Weds Carol

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Assessment and Curriculum (3 Short Papers 0214, 0256, 0259) - Hi Simon and Mark Interesting presentation on your assessment visualisation tool. Would you be able to make your slides and the Google Motion Chart scripts available here? I would be very interested to learn more about this.

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Assessment and Curriculum (3 Short Papers 0214, 0256, 0259) - great, thanks

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Moodle meet up - CONFIRMED Wed 6pm Stoner 7.73 - Are there any Moodle users who would be interested in meeting up? I'd be very interested in an informal session looking at each other's Moodle sites and particularly thinking about usability in Moodle. We'd be up for doing a brief demo of our new Moo...

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Adam McMillan - Hi Adam I think you're chairing a session I'm presenting in tomorrow at 9am. Have just sent you an email about it. Looking forward to meeting tomorrow Carol

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5 September 2011

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