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About: I work as an E-learning Specialist at LSBF, in the InterActive team.

In my current role in designing, building and maintaining the Moodle platforms for postgraduate programmes.

Professional role E-learning executive

Organisation, if you have one CIPD

10 September 2012

Added Haydn Blackey (friend)


5 May 2011

Added Kathryn Trinder (friend), Julie Voce (friend), Dean Sheetz (friend), Maren Deepwell (friend), Sarah Sherman (friend), and Steven Verjans (friend)


23 March 2011

Added Seb Schmoller (friend)


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Haydn Blackey
Haydn Blackey (mutual) friend
Steven Verjans
Steven Verjans (mutual) friend
Sarah Sherman
Sarah Sherman (mutual) friend
Maren Deepwell
Maren Deepwell (mutual) friend
Dean Sheetz
Dean Sheetz friend
Julie Voce
Julie Voce (mutual) friend


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