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About: I am a cybernetician ("is that about robots?") with an interest in learning technology, computing, music, philosophy and the 'system' of education. This year I'm thinking that 'e-learning' is pretty much dead so I'm interested in what's next! Any ideas anyone??
I have a particular interest in spontaneous performance and improvisation both with learning technology and in other ways (music, for example). I document some of my improvisatory experiences on my blog...

(it's not really about robots.. it's about organisation)

Conference role Abstracts Editor

Professional role Reader in Applied Research in Learning Technology and Systems

Organisation, if you have one University of Bolton

6 September 2011
30 August 2011

Added Stephen Powell (friend), Liz Bennett (friend), and Tony Toole (friend)


9 August 2011

Added Sugata Mitra (friend), Simon Cotterill (friend), Tom Franklin (friend), Helen Keegan (friend), George Roberts (friend), Steven Verjans (friend), and Dave White (friend)


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Tony Toole
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Liz Bennett
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Stephen Powell
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Dave White
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Steven Verjans
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George Roberts
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