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About: I work for the Centre for International ePortfolio Development at the University of Nottingham. I write, manage and deliver externally funded proejcts including the JISC projects SAMSON, SALAMI, ESCAPES and SHED. My interests are in joining up process and practice for learning and progression both technically and non-technically. Our Centre works closely with the development of educational open standards such as XCRI and Leap2A and promotes and develops interoperability between systems and services.

Interests e-portfolio, interoperability, xcri, course data, leap2a, opendata

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7 September 2011

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5 September 2011

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3 September 2011

Worlds of Learning (Three Short Papers 0014, 0103, 0158) - "0103 Fishing Through The Ice: Connecting the Worlds of Learning and Work" presentation now available. Kirstie Coolin

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Flexible Service Delivery and What comes next (JISC Symposium 0402) - Here is my presentation for the session, entitled "If you’re walking on thin ice you might as well dance: Making the most of available technologies to promote student choice" highlights from the JISC-funded SALAMI project

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2 September 2011

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30 August 2011

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25 August 2011

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22 August 2011

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11 August 2011

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8 August 2011

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