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8 September 2011

Twitter for lectures! - You might find it useful to look into the work of Derek Bruff (, who has some useful ideas about using Twitter and other forms of backchannel with students. Also, if you've not come across it already, you may find the ESTICT (Engaging Students Through In Class Technology) group helpful:

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7 September 2011

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6 September 2011

Add your conference calendar to you iPad/iPhone/iPod touch - Glad so many people found this useful — thanks for all the praise! Jez

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5 September 2011

Add your conference calendar to you iPad/iPhone/iPod touch - Thanks to Crowdvine's iCal support, you can subscribe to your conference schedule on your phone or iPad. 1. Go to the interactive timetable and add some sessions to your personal schedule with the "+" buttons. 2. If you're not already using it, go to...

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4 September 2011

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3 September 2011

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2 September 2011

PechaKucha [+ ePosters] 3: (Three Five PKs 0015, 0210, 0233 and Four ePosters 0015, 0210, 0065, 0233) - Presentation for: 0210 Developing a virtual research environment for postgraduate research students in chemistry View it online at

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31 August 2011

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