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Professional role Education Consultant

Interests multimedia, MobileLearning, CPD, InnovativativeUse, assessment, CurriculumDesign, LearnerEngagement, WorkBasedLearniing, StaffDevelopment

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? No

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

In which areas are you knowledgeable? educatingTeachers, FE, staffDevelopment

8 September 2011

Last chance ... - Last chance to collect your copy of Emerging Practice in a Digital Age from the JISC stand. Limited print copies available.

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Session 0068 From Challenge to Change - Looking forward to 'From challenge to change' assessment and feedbak workshop with Mark Russell, Sarah Knight and Ros Smith in room ECS 8.9 at 10.30. Promises to be highly interactive!

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7 September 2011

Added Chrissi Nerantzi (friend), Ellen Lessner (friend), Malcolm (friend), fred garnett (friend), and Bex Lewis (want-to-meet)


6 September 2011

Emerging Practice in a Digital Age (Workshop 0105) - Thank you to all workshop attendees who really made the workshop a lively and creative event. The presentation from the session is attached here and your suggestions for use of QR codes to support teaching and learning will follow in the next post. Copies of the new JISC guide on Emerging Practice in a Digital Age are available from the JISC stand.

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Emerging Practice in a Digital Age (Workshop 0105) - Your suggestions for learning and teaching activities using QR codes.

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2 September 2011

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Bex Lewis
Bex Lewis (mutual) want-to-meet
fred garnett
fred garnett (mutual) friend
Malcolm (mutual) friend
Ellen Lessner
Ellen Lessner (mutual) friend
Chrissi Nerantzi
Chrissi Nerantzi (mutual) friend


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