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About: Working on research into simulation vs practical learning in computer networking

Conference role Delegate who is presenting

Professional role Academic

Organisation, if you have one The Open University

Interests Cisco Networking, Simulation, Vendor Education

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? Yes

What topics are on your radar? Simulation

6 September 2011

Added Jane Barrett (want-to-meet), Teresa Connolly (want-to-meet), Tracey de Beer (want-to-meet), Rebecca Galley (want-to-meet), Tina Wilson (want-to-meet), and Gill Needham (want-to-meet)


5 September 2011
4 September 2011

Added Steve Bunce (want-to-meet), Chris Jones (want-to-meet), and geoff stead (want-to-meet)


3 September 2011

Simulation does it bode well for education in a restrained economy - Cost cutting, restructuring, redundancy and other economic restrictions. Sounds like another today programme on Radio 4. But apart from the pedagogical opportunities for simulation, is it a red herring for the accountants?

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Andrew Smith - New to ALT-C .. Has presented at IEEE conferences Bit of a geek, and proud of it

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Added Joe Wilson (want-to-meet)


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Gill Needham
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Tina Wilson
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Rebecca Galley
Rebecca Galley want-to-meet
Tracey de Beer
Tracey de Beer (mutual) want-to-meet
Teresa Connolly
Teresa Connolly want-to-meet
Jane Barrett
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Andrew Smith:

New to ALT-C ..
Has presented at IEEE conferences
Bit of a geek, and proud of it