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About: eLearning Consultant responsible for the development of the distance learning MBA at Warwick Business School. I'm keen to build my elearning networks at this conference.
Current interests are in enhancing the effectiveness of online learning communities through intelligent use of technology, learning activities and support networks.
I have extensive experience in the use of and deployment of virtual classrooms in the distance learning environment.

Professional role eLearning Consultant

Organisation, if you have one Warwick Business School

Interests Online learning communities, e-tutors, online support networks, distance learning

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? distance learning, online learning, communities, tutoring, peer support

6 September 2011
5 September 2011

Added Stuart Sutherland (friend), Sharon Boyd (friend), and Natalia Auer (friend)


2 September 2011
1 September 2011
31 August 2011

Bex Lewis - Great to have just met in the Adobe Masterclass - looking foward to meeting next week.

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Added Bex Lewis (want-to-meet)


30 August 2011
12 August 2011

Added Teresa Mackinnon (friend)


9 August 2011

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Natalia Auer
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Sharon Boyd
Sharon Boyd (mutual) friend
Stuart Sutherland
Stuart Sutherland (mutual) friend
Bex Lewis
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Teresa Mackinnon
Teresa Mackinnon (mutual) friend


Teresa Mackinnon:

great, 12.45 tomoz by help desk it is

Teresa Mackinnon:

I'm coming up tomorrow, should get to Leeds about 10am so I will come stright to conference. I'm staying in Leeds accommodation Tues and Wed, hope to catch up with you soon.