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About: I have recently joined the University of Leicester as an IT Training Specialist focusing on eLearning (and particularly Blackboard). My previous experience is in training scientists (both face-to-face and using eLearning) in a pharmaceutical company. I'm keen to learn more about how learning technologies are used in the Higher Education context since I am new to the sector.

Professional role IT Training Specialist (eLearning)

Organisation, if you have one University of Leicester

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? No

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? Yes

What topics are on your radar? Anything really, I am new to the Higher Education sector so want to get more awareness of how learning technologies are used in education

In which areas are you knowledgeable? staffDevelopment, training, VLEs

5 September 2011
1 September 2011
30 August 2011

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11 August 2011

Sandra Huskinson - Hi Sandra, sorry I meant to click the 'Would like to meet' option! We haven't met before but I would be interested in having a chat sometime. Best wishes, Catherine

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10 August 2011

Added Sandra Huskinson (friend) and Terese Bird (friend)


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Alex Moseley
Alex Moseley (mutual) friend
Sandra Huskinson
Sandra Huskinson (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Terese Bird
Terese Bird (mutual) friend


Sandra Huskinson:

Hi Catherine
I don't recognise you as a friend can you remind me where we've met?
I'm at conference all wk if you want to meet up?

Best wishes