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About: I provide specialist advice on Tech-Enhanced Learning to university staff as a member of the University of Greenwich Educational Development Unit. I've been leading the unit's support for staff in the transition to Moodle and am heavily involved both in our JISC-funded digital literacy project and a project exploring the use of iPads in HE. I am a member of the Digital Literacy and Staff Development clusters in the university's e-centre.

I'm particularly interested in the application of design processes and techniques within learning, teaching and assessment. I have a background in visual art and design, including online design, and bring teaching and professional experience in this field to bear on the work of the EDU.

Professional role Academic Adviser Tech-Enhanced Learning, Learning Technologist, Educational Development

Organisation, if you have one University of Greenwich

Interests learning design, digital literacy, digital literacies, new literacies, visual learning, drawing

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? Yes

In which areas are you knowledgeable? design, learningDesign, problemSolving, technology, VLEs, web2.0

9 September 2011

Managing Change (Three Short Papers 0069, 0070, 0085) - Hi Marion - in your presentation you mentioned the effect of timing on a number of your initiatives (I think you said two had gone really well through good timing, one really badly through poor timing). There are some obvious factors about timing, but I wondered whether you had drawn any lessons about timing - were the issues unique to each initiative, or were there common issues & factors? Should've asked this at the time, sorry.

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8 September 2011

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