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About: I have a background in Engineering, I started working in eLearning in about 2004 developing spaces for work based learning students.
This has developed into a role supporting Learning and Teaching through technology.

Professional role Learning and Teaching Officer

Organisation, if you have one University of Edinburgh

Interests assessment, benefits, caseStudy, cloudServices, CMALT, collaboration, convincingInstitutions, CPD, distanceLearning, evaluation, experience, funding, handheldDevices, immersiveLearning, implementation, informalLearning, institutionalProblems, learningDesign, learningObjects, learningPlatforms, longTermValue, mainstreaming, mentoring, methodology, mobileDevices, mobileLearning, onLineLearning, onlineTutoring, openAccess, openContent, peerSupport, podcasting, quality, recordingAchievement, reusability, selfDirectedLearning, socialNetworking, staffDevelopment, subjectCentres, support, tools, VLEs, web2.0, workBasedLearning

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? Yes

What topics are on your radar? eAssessment

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