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About: interested in sustainable learning with mobile devices in Africa and elsewhere in the 'south' and in learning with mobile devices now that almost everyone owns them

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What topics are on your radar? m4d, mobile learning, ethics, design, m4Ed4Dev

31 August 2011

Led by the “Knows” (Workshop 0108) - Hi Everyone, Just a note to say that Doug and I (sadly, no Andy Black this year) will focus on two sets of case studies, namely Making mobile learning work: case studies of practice: mLearning:A Platform for Educational Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid We will have a limited number of both to distribute. The choice of mobile learning is largely incidental. Looking forward to seeing where we end up!

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Led by the “Knows” (Workshop 0108) - Oh, and sorry about the workshop title which is both lame and tendentious.... unlike the workshop itself, of course

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24 August 2011

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Hi John
Would love to meet up with you. I plan to arrive late this afternoon and will be at the registration desk between 6 and 7 pm.

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Hi John
Unfortunately, I am not going to get to ALT-C next month after all. Was really looking forward to it, but not going to happen this time.
Regards, Brenda