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8 September 2011
7 September 2011

Sharp Technology 2 (2 Demonstrations 0074 and 0204) - I still find it impressive that you manage to use Adobe Connect the way you do without a moderator! Will you be posting a link to the Adobe Connect recording of the session?

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6 September 2011

Pedagogic Advance (Three Short Papers 0067, 0143, 0235) - Here is the PDF of the presentation for 0067 "Analysing the use of recorded lectures by students".

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2 September 2011

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31 August 2011
30 August 2011

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15 August 2011

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Hi Pierre - it may amuse you to know that seven years later we are still making good use of - most recently to make an archive of ALT News Online when migrating it from a commercial service to self hosting See, for example, Regards, Seb