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About: Online teacher and researcher with interests in learners' and tutors' experiences of online learning, particularly synchronous and work based learning.

Professional role Senior Lecturer

Organisation, if you have one University of Aberdeen

Interests web conferencing, online tutoring, work based learning

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? No

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? web conferencing, online tutoring, work based learning, FE

6 September 2011

Added Shailesh Appukuttan (want-to-meet), Tim Neumann (friend), and Tim Neumann (want-to-meet)


4 September 2011

Added Ian Gardner (want-to-meet)


2 September 2011

Added Natalie Parnis (want-to-meet), Ian Glover (want-to-meet), Richard Windle (want-to-meet), and Teresa Connolly (want-to-meet)


1 September 2011

Pedagogic Teachers’ Advances (Three Short Papers 0238, 0087, 0263) - Here's a copy of my presentation - look forward to meeting you at the session. Sarah

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31 August 2011

Added Amanda Jefferies (want-to-meet) and brian whalley (friend)


30 August 2011
23 August 2011

Added Haydn Blackey (friend), Kathryn Trinder (friend), Sarah Horrigan (friend), Shirley Evans (friend), and andy black (friend)


19 August 2011

Added Dick Moore (friend), John Traxler (friend), Julie Voce (friend), Kevin Burden (friend), Linda Creanor (friend), Matt Lingard (friend), Phil Richards (friend), Rachel Harris (friend), Tom Franklin (friend), Yvonne Bain (friend), and Panos Vlachopoulos (friend)


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Tim Neumann
Tim Neumann (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Shailesh Appukuttan
Shailesh Appukuttan (mutual) want-to-meet
Ian Gardner
Ian Gardner want-to-meet
Teresa Connolly
Teresa Connolly want-to-meet
Richard Windle
Richard Windle want-to-meet
Ian Glover
Ian Glover want-to-meet


Teresa Connolly:

um have not spotted u... & I have to leave at 10am or so tomorrow cos amon the 1.30 flight to Knock! So should u happen to be at breakfast &/or in exhibition maybe c u? I will lurk around SCORE stand right hand corner of Sports hall (am SCORE Teaching Fellow!) Hope all is well with u? Do send news